Nutrition is a matter of understanding and root causes.

It’s cellular, gut, brain, stress management, endocrine and undoing to redo. It’s scientific and personal.

Your nutrition journey with me, Christy Thiel, will involve blood labs, supplements, eating changes, past and current health history and lots of education.

The journey of health, anti-aging, rebuilding and decoding will give you clarity and essence.

Whether it’s low energy, auto-immune, hormones, digestion or unknown, your path is held with utmost integrity and honor.

I will work hard, with you, to support your new endeavors. A level of commitment and foresight is necessary and I will be 100% available to you as you learn more about your health, biorhythms and rebuilding. Contact me here or call me at 970-980-9068 and let’s get started on a nutritional plan that will improve your health, boost your energy and give you strength and purpose in your life. We can do it together!

See information on the new Nutrition Book Clubs that begin in May of 2012.

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