“Read. Learn. Eat.” A Nutrition Book Club

Read. Learn. Eat. Nutrition Book Club Fort Collins, ColoradoAt a Glance:  Nutrition Book Club Read. Learn. Eat.” starts again on Wednesday evenings in September! More Details coming soon!

Why am I eating this? Am I supposed to eat carbs with veggies? My friend told me to watch my “points”. What does that mean? I wish I knew what I was doing with my eating and nutrition.

Read. Learn. Eat. A Nutrition Book Club by Nutritionist Christy Thiel

Read. Learn. Eat. Our first book – The Paleo Answer by Loren Cordain, Ph.D.

If this sounds like you, perhaps our new book club “Read, Learn, Eat”  is your answer to the right kind of knowledge about your healthy eating ways. The Club is more than reading. There will be discussions, examples, stories, and many fun interactive activities to help you understand the way to healthy eating. We will reinforce the “why this and not that” type of decisions you have to make on a daily basis.

Nutrition should not be confusing, but with all the hype and fad diets out there today, it’s easy to see why people are confused. Let’s cut through the banter and really understand what are bodies need to thrive. What foods feed us? Which foods deplete our energy? What foods increase your risk of disease, and what types of food aid in healing for cell regeneration.

You may think this is a simple thing, however, most people have no idea how polluted our food supply has become with hormone additives, pesticides, nutrient deficient soils and genetic engineering. This class is not meant to point fingers at the agriculture industry, but it is geared to empower you to make the most nutritious choices possible for your health and your life.

Christy Thiel. Read. Learn. Eat. Nutrition Book Club ModeratorYour moderator is Christy Thiel, a Nutritionist who embraces the Paleo concept is your guide for the 6 week session. Each session covers a different chapter in the book. We will thoroughly understand the concepts behind the research and the reasons why Paleo is a historical breakthrough in eating science. Need to lose weight safely? Join us! See our press area for further information as well.

Our Nutrition Book Club “Read. Learn. Eat” is limited to only 15 participants so we encourage you to sign up today. Check our schedule for Start times and sign up for the club that best meets your needs. Do this for you and your family. Understanding your genetic make-up and how it works with food will reset your metabolism and give  you the results you desire.

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