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Personal Trainer Christy Thiel | Kangoo Fitness Fort Collins

Personal Trainer Christy Thiel

Exercising without proper nutrition and a functionally sound personal training program is like trying to find a new destination with your GPS turned off!

Although there is always a new fad or training phenomenon, truth be told you can not reinvent the wheel. Commitment and dedication are the only ways to reach and maintain fitness goals, an equal measure of proper nutrition, proven exercise routines, and rest is the only way to a healthier happier body inside and out.

Through my personal training program with you I will utilize modernized techniques such as pilates, bosu, TRX and Kangoo Jumps in addition to traditional strength training and toning. In life mind, body and sprit must work in unison in physical fitness; there is no fast track to instant success and if you’re ready to stop going through the motions and start making improvements you can see and FEEL for the long run how a personal training with me as your instructor regime will help.

Some people need help with nutrition, others with specific workout routines, and others a sense of accountability, regardless of your weaknesses, I can help. My diet and routines are ALWAYS tailored to the individual and never “canned” or out of a book.

If you’re ready for results try a free workout and let’s start achieving together. Contact me now and tell me of your dreams,  your goals in achieving health and wellness. I can help you achieve your goals with my personal training experience and knowledge. – Christy Thiel

Personal Training offered by Christy Thiel of Fort Collins Kangoo Fitness


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