3 Personal Training Sessions for $99 – Limited Offer

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3 Personal Training Sessions for $99 – Limited Offer

“I need to work with a personal trainer, but . . . “

No more “buts”! It’s just an excuse to do nothing. Maintain the status quo and just hope that if you limit your lunches to just salads, you will lose weight. Well, we all know it takes a bit more effort than that, right? Why are you talking yourself out of getting healthy and fit? It’s amazing the damage that negative thinking does to us. I’m going to help you snap out of this bad cycle of indecision and offer a January 2013 special offer.

For a limited time, you can get 3 One on one Training Sessions with me, Christy Thiel! You must complete these 3 sessions within 2 months. You must show for your appointments. You have to be ready to workout and be open to trying some new ways to have fun and get fit. That’s right – I said – “Have fun!”

You will feel amazing. Your muscles will be happy that they finally have a purpose. Your spine will be supported with stronger muscles. And you will be happy that you did it for you – not someone else. You actually made time to do something that impacts you directly – your health!

3 Personal Training Sessions for $99

3 Personal Training Sessions for just $99

It’s a deal. Normally my training sessions are $40/hour. You save some cash AND firm and tone your body! A great concept.

This offer is on a limited basis and once I am filled up with appointments – that’s it! So – call me right now at 970-980-9068 and I can get your 3 sessions setup right away. Payment is due during the first meeting. It’s easy. It’s 2013. Let’s do it. A personal trainer – isn’t it time you did something just for you?   Absolutely!

Call now 970-980-9068




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