Thinking about a Paleo Diet?

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Thinking about a Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is often referred to as the Caveman diet. Can we really eat like Cavemen? Not really. Our food supply is not what it once was many years ago. In fact, nothing is the same. Our food, stress levels, environment, daily routines, light pollution, threats, pleasures, child rearing, etc. are all very different.  If that is the case, why would we emulate their eating habits?

Our ancestors had superior bodies/physiques. They were hunters of local food sources and gathered grasses, roots and seeds for food as well. Both men and women were lean, structurally proportioned with muscle and they possessed functional strength and ideal weight. Think “head turners” all the time!

The Caveman Diet Food Sources

Daily natural nutrients from fresh food and omega 3 resources helped early homo sapien brains evolve and develop. Even though they did not have as long as a lifespan, they did not die from common everyday diseases. If they made it to their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s they were still vital, healthy, active and mentally attuned.

Food is not what it once was in the time of the Caveman. We have cross-bred, hybrid, genetically modified food that interferes with our health. We have depleted our soil, poisoned our water and added chemicals and hormones to virtually every aspect of growing. The Paleo diet concept hopes to improve your knowledge of these facts and educate you on good, healthy eating choices to minimize disease, accelerated aging  and even premature death.

The Paleo Diet Focuses on Pure Food, not Agriculturally Enhanced Fake Food

Many of the pesticides commonly used today have mutated from their initial strains. Finding drought resistant and bug resistant crops has prompted major seed manufacturers to develop seeds that do not result in fresh food. It looks like corn and tomatoes, but inside is a DNA structure that is extremely questionable. Hormonal additives and antibiotics have seeped into the food supply as well. Food allergies and gluten intolerance is on the rise. Could it be that we are eating things that are damaging to our lives? Absolutely.

You might think that with all the advancements in agriculture (333 generations worth), that humans have improved health, vigor and superior brain power; shockingly NO.

 How do we get back to our healthy Caveman Scenario?

Knowing this information is powerful. It’s powerful because you control what you consume. With knowledge of the Paleo diet you can ask for your food source, including the seeds. Not using harmful pesticides in your home that might taint your environment is another good step to take.

The Paleo Diet by Christy Thiel of Kangoo Fitness Fort Collins

We have not evolved as well as we THINK we have! The time to change is now!

The convenience of having processed food to pop in the microwave, the television entertains us while we sit on the couch, the ease of  driving a car to our work as we sit behind the wheel – these are not the ways of the Caveman! Our healthy Caveman walked or ran everywhere, hauled water, played hunting “games” with their children to teach them through play – we don’t do any of these things. So, in addition to eating fresh, locally sourced food, we need to move – run, walk, play, work – just move!

The New Paleo Diet “movement”!

The Paleo way of eating is being heralded as a nutritional way to ideal weight, energy and health. The Paleo diet emphasizes clean eating!

It promotes veggies, fruits, clean, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, daily exercise, sleep and relaxation.

It puts the emphasis on what’s real. It eliminates what man thought would be a great food source – agriculturally tainted grains and mutated vegetables masquerading as a real vegetable. These man-made foods have only brought on inflammation, smaller brains, auto-immune diseases, cancer and chronic low energy and infertility.

How to determine what is Real Food in the Paleo Diet

Are grains a real food source? Isn’t wheat real? Legumes are healthy. Dairy comes from animals, which are real…What’s the deal with real food? It can be confusing!

When wheat was originally introduced around 8500 BC it was a 14 chromosome grain called Eincorn. Around biblical times it was crossed with goatgrass and grew into a 28 chromosome grain called Emmer. What we have now is called T. Aestivum and it has 42 chromosome and 25,000 varieties. This is via man and hybridization.  Although we have the benefits of our grain surviving drought, heat and cold…it wreaks havoc in our guts and encourages inflammation in our brains. If you have a gluten intolerance you know exactly what this means because it makes you ill.

I’ll save the dairy industry for another discussion but its destiny is similar. Animals don’t eat, live or thrive like they used to.

So, are we eating what we used to? Think we can truly eat like a Caveman?

NO. That is why we are getting diseased, obese, infertile and depressed. Only in the same way that primitive man is the same as modern man can we thrive on nutrition. That common thread is our DNA. Our DNA is 99.9 % the same as it was over 2 million years ago but our modern food is 100% different. Until you eliminate what your body is not made to digest, assimilate and metabolize, your weight will not stabilize. Holding on to extra weight reduces your overall health, slows you down and limits your body’s ability to function properly.

History is your roadmap to sound nutrition, a lean physique and brain power!

Paleo your way and eat what’s real!

Paying attention to the quality of the food you eat will help you break free of the emotional ties of eating. Diets (like the Paleo way) with nutritional quality will break those cravings because your body will be happy, well balanced and have a stronger immune system as well.

Be in charge of your health by eating a Paleo Diet and call for a complete nutrition work-up and nutritional typing. Eat food for Energy and Health and move your body every day!

Christy Thiel of Kangoo Fitness Fort Collins

Christy Thiel, Nutritionist and Book Club Host

Let Christy Thiel Show you the Paleo Diet with the “Read. Learn. Eat.” Nutrition Book Club 

Are you ready to take start feeling better and end the sugar cravings that just put on weight and make you bloated? Are you ready to totally understand the Paleo diet? It doesn’t have to be complicated. But with so many mixed messages out there – who’s to know? Arm yourself with information and join our Nutrition Book Club here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Call me if you have any questions at 970-980-9068.


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