TRX RIP Bar Training demo by Christy Thiel, Personal Trainer

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TRX RIP Bar Training demo by Christy Thiel, Personal Trainer

TRX RIP Bar does not stand for “resting” at all!

The TRX RIP Bar is part of the TRX system and helps to refine the muscles around your shoulder and side areas. Think of it (ladies) as the tightening of the area your bra holds together on the sides. We all wish there was less bulge in this area. This special TRX RIP Bar will help you stretch and strengthen the area so it appears leaner.

Set your weight so you have some tension. Be sure to step far enough away – hold steady – stretch it out, lift and ever so carefully let it come back. Remember, these are controlled exercises. Do not let the eagerness of the weight system allow you to bring back too fast.

TRX RIP Bar tip: Keep your movements slow and steady – stay in control.

Do a set of 10 and then switch sides. When you do the second side, it might feel odd (only because we worked the other side first and those muscles all interact with each other) but don’t worry – just be steady – pull out, lift up, bring it down and when you pivot just move your waist area. See the pictures below. These were take at the Old Town Athletic Club in North Fort Collins. Just follow the simple pictorial steps below:

TRX RIP Bar trainer demo by Christy Thiel, Personal Trainer 970-980-9068Often times I see people at the gym doing the same old excercises and their results are minimal. If you want to step up your game and really work your muscles it might be time to hire a personal trainer to show you different movements for better results.

Scheduling time with a personal trainer helps you stay on task, be focused and you pay more attention to your diet as well because together we are aiming for great results.

Call me, Christy Thiel at 970-980-9068 and let’s get you started on an initial 3 month commitment to training with me every week – 2 times a week for 30 minute sessions. My new monthly pricing schedule will be added to this website soon.

Making a commitment to yourself empowers you to achieve other goals in your life – let’s start with your strength and fitness! We can add the TRX RIP Bar in your sessions as well!

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